The Barilla Olive Oil Story

A family tradition As a tradition borne from the culture from Southern Italy, the Barilla Estate Family has been producing quality extra virgin olive oil for generations. Made from our very own perfect olives grown and processed here in South Australia, the techniques and passion passed down to create a product that will enrich the flavour of your food.

With the latest in harvesting techniques, and machinery technology, Barillia Olive Oil exhibits the best qualities of high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a soft fruity pepper taste and a rich yellow colour with a green tinge.

The best tradition about a great taste is in the sharing.

So from their family to yours, enjoy, boun appetito!
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Gold Awards

In 2006, Barilla Olive Oil received the highest award from the Austalian Olive Oil Association.

On receiving this award Steve described it as “a high bench mark for any grower. It has been Barilla Olive Oil’s Goal and mission to grow recognized quality olives that will produce a premium product of extra virgin olive oil to enhance the flavour of foods.”
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Silver Awards

Barilla Olive Oil won Silver Awards from the Austalian Olive Oil Association in

 • 2007• 2010
 • 2008• 2011
 • 2009• 2012

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Bronze Awards

Barilla Olive Oil won Bronze Awards from the Austalian Olive Oil Association in

 • 2007• 2011
 • 2008• 2012
 • 2009• 2013
 • 2010• 2014