Growing Frantoio olives from Tuscany

The olive tree is of the species Olea europacea that has more than 50 different varieties which are commonly grown around the world. Barilla Estate's extensive plantings feature the Frantoio variety originating from Tuscany, Italy and which produces an oil that is aromatic and fruity. Frantoio olives are small to medium size and oval in shape. The olives have a pleasant nutty flavour when pickled. When mature, the fruit are coloured purple-black, but at the preferred harvest time for oil production are green and purple-green. Interestingly, in Tuscany an olive oil processing factory is also called a 'Frantoio'.


Frantoio olives from Tuscany
<span>Growing:</span> February - June

The Harvest: State of the art equipment

The olive harvest commences in April/May and Barilla Estate uses the latest equipment and processes to minimize any damage to the fruit and to speed up the processing. Click here to view the video on YouTube

The Harvest

State of the art equipment
<span>Harvest:</span> June - July

Extraction from fruit to oil

Today there are two systems of separation in use: the traditional - using super presses with filtering mats and the modern - using centrifuges and decanters. Barilla uses a series of high-tech presses, centrifuges and decanters to preserve the true quality of the fruit.


from fruit to oil
<span>destilation:</span> July-Augest

Bottling from farm to table

You can purchase Barilla Estate olive in a number of convenient sizes from the 250ml Picolo to the 20 Litre Restaurant Pack Bulk quantities and export orders are also available.


from farm to table
<span>Conserving:</span> September - December