What is a good oil?

A good oil contains fats that are easy for the body to process and have additional health benefits. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in oleic acid which is a monounsaturated fatty acid and these are considered a healthy dietary fat.

What are the health benefits of monounsaturated fats?

Clinical research has shown that monounsaturated fats may:
  • lower your total cholesterol levels
  • help normalize blood clotting
  • benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control (especially helpful for people with type 2 diabetes)
  • make arteries more elastic
  • lower the risk of coronary heart disease
  • protect red blood cells and therefore your heart
  • help fight breast cancer
  • help you stay healthier into old age
  • reduce the risk of stroke in the elderly

    How to store Olive Oil

    It is best to store olive oil in a dark glass bottles to preserve the goodness in the oil. This is why at Barilla all their oil is bottled straight into dark green glass bottles.

    More good oil means a longer and healthier life!